“Marriage was a personal suicide for me” – Shweta P Munshi

“Marriage was a personal suicide for me” – Shweta P Munshi
‘Bandhan’ actress Shweta P Munshi, who has done shows like ‘Maayke Se Bandhi Dor’ on Star Plus and Zee TV’s ‘Punar Vivah’ is one of those rare celebrities who have guts enough to talk about their traumatic personal life and accept the wrong decisions taken. Recently, the actress confessed about going through hard times all because of choosing the wrong man as her better-half. Shweta who was married in 2012 with a hotelier and separated officially last year.
She says, “It was a love marriage and before that we had dated each other as well. But few things I guess are not in control. I was too blind in love and marriage opened my eyes. I went through a very bad phase and trust me that was the time I realised who all matter to me. Only true people will stand beside you in your hard times.”
To overcome this personal tragedy, Shweta enrolled for a Vipasana course to heal her soul and mind. “It was a 10-day course and it really helped me to come out from my past. It was a tough process. One week was okay but the last three days were tough as I was missing my family.”
She also adds, “Marriage was a personal suicide for me. And I take complete responsibility for the fall out, as I was so blinded that I kept ignoring the reality. I put blind trust without a check. And I was willing to sacrifice even the meaningful stuff. Gradually, the reality hit in the face. I had known that you cannot sacrifice being yourself for anyone. And as I said, the life experiences either bring joy or they teach you something. I learnt my lesson to live with caution and trust now. I take care of my needs and happiness. And I value and appreciate the people who respect me and support with love,” says Shweta.
Post breakup Shweta feels life is so much better now as she have set her priorities according to her wish. So will she get into a relationship in near future? “Well it depends on lot of things. I am a very cautious person now when it comes to a new relationship. If it is in my destiny then it will happen. I am single and focusing on my career right now,” she concludes