Man misbehaves with ‘Uttaran’ actress Tina Datta on-stage at an awards event!

Man misbehaves with ‘Uttaran’ actress Tina Datta on-stage at an awards event!
The dusky damsel Tina Datta was recently distressed with the misbehavior of a man at an awards function in Goregaon on Saturday evening. Tina was present at the event to give awards to felicitate a selected few for a certain purpose. While the actress was on-stage, a man came up to her to receive his award. However, he shocked her by holding Tina’s hand and pulling her with a jerk towards him on the pretext of clicking a picture with her.
Obviously, Tina was rattled by the uncouth gesture and curtly asked him to stay away. When Tina was contacted to confirm the news, she narrated the story with clear details.
“I had not expected that someone can have the audacity to misbehave with a girl on a stage like this. I keep attending lot of events as an actress and was shocked with sudden happenings on stage. I wonder how one can take the liberty to cross the limit of decency in a public place and above that he was unapologetic about his conduct,” said Tina.
Tina shared that when she raised her voice against the misconduct, the man gave her a nasty look. But, somehow she composed herself, and like a dignified professional, finished her job and went back home.
I felt bad about it but composed myself and carried on with giving awards. I felt like slapping the man but didn’t do as he had come on stage to collect an award. I am sure that guy would read this. I want to ask him if some guy does the same thing to his daughter or sister or wife how he would react,” Tina said.