Mamma Mia! When Aamir posed with Meryl Streep!

Mamma Mia! When Aamir posed with Meryl Streep!

The on-screen Iron Lady, Meryl Streep who is known for her tremendous acting caliber, was recently spotted at New York. And look who we found striking a pose with the Hollywood actress. It was none other than our perfectionist star, Aamir Khan.

Attending New York Summit, both these great actors met and even posed for a candid photo. While Meryl was all in support for Women rights, Aamir took Indian social evils at the world summit. Aamir discussed India’s social evils like female foeticide, gender inequality and honour killing at the Women in the World Summit, and said change can be brought by reaching out to people with love and affection.

Sharing the epic pic, Fashion-Film photographer, Avinash Gowarikar wrote, “Fan moment!Met #MerylStreep! Went with @aamir_khan to The Women in the World Summit in New York last night. @Shaziaqg”

At the summit, Khan spoke his heart out. “Every day you read about injustice, poverty, and you really want to do something, and I realised I should do what I know best, which is storytelling, to enrich discussion on the issues we face as a society. In India 90 to 95 per cent of people have either given or taken dowries, and when you are conveying to a majority that what they are doing is not right, it has to be done with love. Only through that you can effect change”, said the 50-year-old Indian actor.

He signed off saying, “The balance of power in India needs to change. Unless conviction becomes swift, certain things are not going to change and as a society we have to shun the rapist and hold the survivor close.”

Well said Aamir! And as for the legendary ‘woman’ in the world you posed with, we are absolutely hung over the photo. What say people? You like?