Love for ‘bad boys’: Anti-heroes rule the small screen.

Love for ‘bad boys’: Anti-heroes rule the small screen.
Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi-
Nirbhay aka Mohit Abrol of Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, wanted to destroy Ranveer, for being responsible for Nirbhay’s wife’s demise.  The young lad otherwise good at heart, was looking after his dead wife’s family.
Following on the route of Nirbhay is Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) from Swaragini. The young lad who initially was an arrogant drug addict trying to stop his brother’s marriage to seek revenge from him, has turned into a noble man now.
Piya Rangrezz-
From the very beginning the show has depicted the tale of anti-heros. Madly in love, Sher (Gaurav S. Bajaj) had a rugged appearance, which made the girls go down on their knees. And now, carrying on with the tradition is Sher’s sons, Arjun (Kanwar Dhillon) and Shamsher (Gaurav S. Bajaj).
Another strong headed baddy of small screen is Lakhan Thakur (Vishal Aditya Singh) of Begusarai. The man left no stones unturned to make us hate him. And he did a perfect job indeed.
Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do-
Now, you don’t find a Pakistani agent regularly in our daily soaps. But, we found one in Rizwan (Md. Iqbal Khan). Full of flaws and dangerous was the man, but still he won our hearts.
Jamai Raja-
Kunal (Adhvik Mahajan) is definitely the man, who all the girls would love to marry. But, he surely has his own side of story of becoming a bitter man in love.
The young man, Yuvraj (Zain Imam) has gotten back, and with a bang. He’s returned even more aggressive and spiteful. Though we would prefer him to be calmer, he is surely one of the prominent anti-heroes leading the television chart.