Look who is back on Ye Hai Mohabbatein?

Look who is back on Ye Hai Mohabbatein?
Lets break the suspense and the one who is coming back on Star Plus’ show Ye Hai Mohabattein is the adorable Ruhi aka Ruhanika Dhawan. Ruhanika took a month break from the show to enjoy family trip during her summer vacations.
We got in touch with Ruhanika’s mother to know about her re-entry for which she said, “Yes, Ruhanika is coming back on Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. Actually we went out for a vacation to Dubai and other places for a month and now as we are back, my child has resumed shooting.”
Taling about Ruhi’s entry sequence, she said, “As it is shown that she has gone to a camp. Ruhi was supposed to come back from the camp after a week but she will surprise Bhalla family by coming back early. So it will a very fun filled sequence.”
How was every ones reaction to see the adorable child back on the sets?
“Everyone was so happy to see her back on the sets after a month. Everybody hugged her and I was so over whelmed to see their eternal love for Ruhanika. Ruhanika also love them a lot and missed them during her trip. She got chocolates for everyone from Dubai and for her favorite co-actors, she brought fancy mugs.”
She continued, “I want to mention that after we came back from the trip, my husband (Ruhanika’s father) got a heart attack and he underwent angioplasty but now with gods grace he is fine. I have realized that what ever the situation may be, the show must go on, so even after this incident Ruhanika resumed her shooting.”
Excited and happy to see Ruhi back on the sets, Ishima aka Divyanka Tripathi tweeted, “The life n breath of our set is back!”.
Even Karan Patel was really happy to see her onscreen daughter back after a month and so he clicked pictures with Ruhanika as you can see above.