Life without TV, power & human contact made Varun depressed

Life without TV, power & human contact made Varun depressed

In an interview to a news site, Varun Dhawan revealed the depressive state he had to deal with while preparing for his role in ‘Badlapur’. The new generation actor, who has played a dark role in the movie, admitted in an interview to the site that it was naïve on his part to take up ‘Badlapur’ ‘coz he was not ready to fulfill the demands of the rigorous role.

About the intense and stress-inducing prep he did for the revenge drama, Varun told the site, “I stayed in Igatpuri (in Maharashtra) for 30 days without TV, electricity and any contact with anyone, just living the character. These things did affect me and when I came back, I decided to talk to people and seek help.” Varun also said that while his mother was prepared to witness these changes in him, his friends faltered in understanding his issue which resulted in many tiffs and arguments.

However, with time, the SOTY actor emerged out of the depression but he made sure to be vocal about this issue so that no wrong message is sent out for his young followers.

I realised something about the human psyche. I realised that we were only telling the youth about one side of life – the good side, the happy and the fantasy side and it’s not entirely true. There are always two sides to a coin and this was the second side. When I was doing certain things like breaking stuff, hitting things, killing people, I just realised that there is probably a murderer or a killer in all of us. That side does exist,” told Varun to the site

About being ‘roasted’ by live audience, much as his contemporaries in AIB Knockout, which went viral recently, Varun said that he is game for it.

Ranveer and Arjun are damn cool. They got roasted and how! But I would be game for it as well, why not! Everyone knows it’s taken in the right spirit and it doesn’t really offend anyone. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if a much older superstar did a roast as well,” confessed the actor