Late Ravindra Patil’s mother wants Salman’s bail cancelled

Late Ravindra Patil’s mother wants Salman’s bail cancelled

Ravindra Patil was a key witness in Salman Khan’s hit and run case and was the on duty police body guard of Salman Khan during the time of the fateful accident. News has it that Patil was in the car with Salman and Kamaal Khan when the accident happened. Apparently, this cop had gone ahead and given his statement that Salman was under the influence of alcohol when he sat behind the driver’s wheel that night.

During the time, Patil received a lot of pressure to retract his statement. He was then arrested for missing some court sessions. In Jail, Patil was heard to be ill-treated and tortured. He was locked in Arthur road jail. He later died of tuberculosis.

Now, eight years after her son’s death, Patil’s mother Sushilabai appealed to the Bombay High Court that her son had died of ‘mysterious’ circumstances and that Salman’s bail plea be rejected on this account.

However, Justice A R Joshi dismissed the intervention application, saying Sushilabai or Ravindra Patil could not be technically termed as ‘victims’ in the case.

Further developments on this plea are awaited.