Kushal Tandon Headlines That Shocked Bollywood

Kushal Tandon Headlines That Shocked Bollywood

1) Kushal VS Karan

Karan Tacker, who starred opposite Kushal in Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behena and who played his brother in the show, was apparently on very bad terms with Kushal. If sources are to believed, it all started when Karan started feeling sidetracked because of Kushal. Smaller the screens, bigger the egos?


2) Tantrums on set

Kushal has not only been accused of arriving late on the sets in the past, but the star also has been accused often of throwing tantrums. Apparently, he would throw a fit every time something didn’t go according to his way. What do you have to say to that, Kushal?


3) Making out in the Makeup room

It doesn’t get any spicier than this. Kushal and Nia Sharma were allegedly getting it on in Kushal’s makeup room and they were caught getting really ‘cozy’ with each other. This is what Kushal replied with: “Nia is a very dear friend. She is a sweetheart, is like family and nobody has the right to tarnish a girl’s image. We are not dating”. Doesn’t sound very convincing, does it?


4) Falling in love with Gauhar Khan

Kushal and Gauhar met as inmates in the Bigg Boss house and fell in love, in the presence of a million spectators. It was such that every time the duo started whispering or shared a romantic moment together they hit the headlines instantly!


5) The breakup with Gauhar

Fans were left broken hearted when Gauhar announced the end of the ‘Gaushal’ era. Kushal made it more controversial by issuing a statement that implied that their religious differences were the cause of the breakup. But his heart wasn’t done being broken…


6) The breakup with Elena Boeva

Not only Kushal have a longer relationship with Elena than with Gauhar, but the duo also danced their way into people’s hearts, thanks to Nach Baliye 5. Fans were really sad to hear the fact that these sweethearts, who met at their acting school in the US, decided to part their ways. But if rumours are correct, then Kushal allegedly hosted a ‘breakup party’ soon after the breakup!


7) Twitter war with Amesha

Kushal Tandon apparently spotted Ameesha Patel disrespecting the National Anthem by not standing up while it was being played in the multiplex. The issue soon turned into a battle, and then a war after he put up a very insulting tweet against the actress. It is still raging while we speak of it!