Kishwer Merchant’s beau Suyyash Rai beaten up by goons!

Kishwer Merchant’s beau Suyyash Rai beaten up by goons!
It is not the common man whose life and prestige is under threat due to the rising crime in every nick and corner of the nation. Even celebs are falling prey to merciless goons and fanatics.
TV actress Kisher Merchant’s actor boyfriend Suyyash Rai met with an unfortunate incident yesterday while driving back to Goregaon from Powai in Mumbai. A car driven by wayward men overtook Suyyash’s car and blocked his way. In a matter of seconds, another car halted at the spot. The men from both the cars came down to bully Suyyash and ended up beating him black and blue with sticks.
While attacking Suyyash, those goons kept on saying that no one has the right to mess with them as they belong to a known political party.
Another shocking thing about the whole incident is the fact that no one from the crowd witnessing the crime came forward to help the actor. It is only after a long while that a man picked up courage to raise his voice against the goons.
This sad event has sent the wrong message to the citizens about the civil scenario of Mumbai which was once upon a time a safer city. Kishwer Merchant even addressed a tweet today to Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis to express remorse at the bitter episode and seek justice from him.
Although the details of the car belonging to the goons and the name of their political party has been shared with the police, only time will tell whether or not any action has been taken to tackle this menace.