Katrina Kaif has an amazing body: Sonakshi Sinha

Katrina Kaif has an amazing body: Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha has often mentioned how she is not ready to succumb to the pressure of the ‘size-zero’ revolution. In an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, Sonakshi spoke more on this topic.

She said, “My curves are my favourite feature. Having a beautiful body is subjective. It just depends on the way you naturally look. If you’re stick-thin, don’t be self-conscious. The same way, if you’re curvy, don’t keep wishing you were skinny. It’s unfair that people are forced to conform to a standard of beauty that may not come naturally to them. What’s most important, really, is to be fit, healthy and happy. Just love the way you look-and own it!”

When asked how has the best body in Bollywood, Sonakshi chose Katrina Kaif. She said, “A woman that has an amazing body is Katrina Kaif. She’s extremely fit!”.

Sonakshi also said, “The actresses from back in the day had no body-image pressure to deal with, and while everybody was obsessed with the super-skinny thing for a while, I feel like we’re coming back to the ‘wholesome-is-beautiful’ idea again.”

Do you agree with Sonakshi that Katrina has the best body in Bollywood?