Jay Soni ‘balloons up’ for ‘Killerr Karaoke…’

Jay Soni ‘balloons up’ for ‘Killerr Karaoke…’
Popular TV actor Jay Soni slipped into an inflated body suit for a quirky act on &TV’s weekend show “Killerr Karaoke, Atka Toh Latkah”.
Jay will be seen in the opening episode of the show on Saturday.
Given the format of the show, the contestants have to keep singing while dodging distractions that come their way. All that matters is how long you can keep singing.
Jay was in for quite a surprise when he was made to wear an inflated body suit. In his ‘ballooned up’ avatar, he had to run on a treadmill with hay flying over his face, apart from gymming it out on the pull-up bar as well. The song he sang was “Bhaag D.K. Bose” from “Delhi Belly”.
“Killerr Karaoke, Atka Toh Latkah” is hosted by comedian Krushna. The episode featuring Jay will also star actresses Pratyusha Banerjee and Asha Negi.