Jamai Raja: Siddharth moves into Roshni’s house!

Jamai Raja: Siddharth moves into Roshni’s house!

Roshni goes to Sid’s house, crying. And on other side, Sid goes to his sasural to get Roshni’s family’s blessings. Roshni begs Sid’s parents to let her stay in the house. Sid’s parents bless and welcome her with open arms.

And Sid is welcomed at Roshni’s house. Both enter each others’ place. Sid makes fun of Durga Devi and asks her to give her blessings. Durga Devi does not allow him to come near her.

On one side Sid promises himself to correct Durga Devi’s haughty character and give back Roshni’s love, while on other hand, Durga Devi promises to throw Sid out of the house. To this, Dadi listens everything and reprimands Durga Devi calling her selfish who has forgot how to love. She asks her to get back Roshni or else she’ll suffer later.

Dadi has to leave because of a family emergency. And before she leaves she makes Sid promise not to lose hope and shrug off his responsibilities.

Sid spends his wedding night in Roshni’s room. And Roshni is at Sid’s place. Romantic track plays in background and both remember each other.

Now that Sid’d support, Dadi is gone, can he tackle Durga Devi? To know more, keep reading this space.