Jackie Shroff Obtains Injunction Against Saahil Khan

Jackie Shroff Obtains Injunction Against Saahil Khan

Ayesha Shroff’s cool calm and composed husband Jackie Shroff has finally decided to fight it out with Saahil Khan, the entertainer-entrepreneur who claims to have “compromising” pictures with Ayesha that he has apparently submitted in court while fighting Ayesha’s monetary claims.

Contrary to ill-informed reports, Jackie has not filed a defamation case against Saahil Khan. Instead he has obtained an injunction against Saahil, a copy of which is in the possession of this writer, preventing any more objectionable charges from being made against his wife by Saahil.

Says a family friend of the Shroffs, “Jackie stayed quiet as long as he could. Every time his wife was maligned in court and in a section of the media he would cringe. Jackie is a man of peace. He hoped it would all die down. When it didn’t die down and the slander against Ayesha grew in direct proportion to Saahil’s desperation to wriggle out of the financial exigencies Jackie finally decided to fight back.”

The family friend says Jackie will now “do everything in his power” to fight the threat posed to his family.

Says the friend, “Jackie has obtained an injunction from the court preventing Saahil Khan and his sister from maligning Ayesha or any other member of Jackie’s family in any manner whatsoever.”

This, says the friend, was seen as a necessity by Jackie to shield his family from the vicious attack that was launched by Khan.