Ishqbaaz: Shivaay gets Romi’s help in finding Omkara’s video

Ishqbaaz: Shivaay gets Romi’s help in finding Omkara’s video

Ishqbaaz is creating a lot of buzz due to the current track of Shivaay marrying Tia. Well, Shivaay is on a hunt to get the video which has the truth of Omkara being an illegitimate son of Tej. The video is only with Mrs Kapoor and she has also threatened Shivaay to marry Tia or else she’ll leak the video out to everyone.

This episode starts with Shivaay who is having a headache and Tia walks in to inquire about his health. Shivaay, in turn, asks Tia to give him a massage to make Anika jealous. And here comes Shivaay’s mom Pinky who finds Anika staring at Tia. Well, Anika has been asked to focus on work as it’s the shaadi ka ghar. Anika is planning to get Shivaay and Tia married, but there are some loopholes and Pinky accuses her of a bad wedding planner. Cut to Shivaay asking Anika whether his closeness to Tia affecting her, but she says no. Shivaay takes up the challenge and says that he’ll prove her that she does get jealous on seeing him getting close to Tia.

We also noticed that Shivaay getting a call from an unknown number again and again which later turns out to be Romi’s call. Romi promises Shivaay to give him the video, but he will have to hand over their family’s naulakha haar in return. Shivaay is taken aback by the fact how well Romi knows about the family. Then, the scene moves to Dadi presenting Anika a dress thinking that she’s still the bahu of their khandaan. But, Anika denies but later accepts it when Dadi asserts her too much. Shivaay also gets a call from Om who reveals that he won’t be able to attend the function.

There is a scene where Shivaay is left awe-struck with Anika’s beauty when she enters the function. He even praises her for her outfit and then taking a smart route starts talking about the decoration.

Later, Dadi goes to Shivaay to ask what Tia is wearing and he can’t answer that. But, when asked about Anika, he goes on to describe all the details of her outfit. Then you see Romy again calling Shivaay as she wants the haar. Romy also goes to the extent to stealing the chip which has video in it and it’s in Mrs Kapoor’s watch.

It has become interesting and let’s wait and watch how the mystery unfolds in the upcoming episodes.