Ishqbaaz March 27 written update: Saumya finds out the truth about fake Shivaay

Ishqbaaz March 27 written update: Saumya finds out the truth about fake Shivaay

The episode starts with Saumya finding out where the stolen jewelry has been hidden. As she approaches the spot, fake Shivaay comes there and as he tries to remove the jewelry, Saumya is shocked to know that Shivaay knew where the jewelry was. She questions him and asks him why didn’t he tell everyone where the jewelry was when he knew the truth. Fake Shivaay manipulates her into thinking that whatever he did was for his family.

Saumya makes an exit, however, she stumbles upon Anika’s phone. At this very moment, she finds out the truth about fake Shivaay. The light goes off and Saumya is now scared for her life. Saumya runs for her life as fake Shivaay chases her to stop her from telling the truth to the whole family.

Fake Shivaay warns Saumya that if she keeps this secret to herself  then she will be a free bird. But, if she tries to expose him she will reach the same fate as the real Shivaay. Saumya pushes him and runs saying that she will expose him.

Anika returns home to collect her phone. In the meanwhile, Saumya continues to run for her life. She sees Anika’s back and she runs to her to tell her the truth only to realize that the woman dressed like Anika is Kamini. Fake Shivaay and Kamini are operating in cahoots. Kamini smashes Saumya’ head with an alcohol bottle.

Kamini is fake Shivaay’s mom, she curses fake Shivaay for being so careless. Upon seeing Anika approaching the room, the duo along with Saumya (in unconscious condition) hide behind a pillar. Anika finds her phone and picks Shivaay’s call. She asks him why is he calling from a different number. This worries Kamini and fake Shivaay but to their relief, the phone gets disconnected after Shivaay’s phone’s battery dies.

Fake Shivaay goes behind Anika, Anika stops him and asks him what the hell is happening.

Precap: Fake Shivaay gets worked up after Anika asks him about Saumya. Anika tells him the only way to calm him is this. She splashes water on him which angers him and he holds Anika by her neck. This surprises Anika who asks him, why is he reacting so differently. This isn’t the first time she has done this.

Well, will Anika be able to find out the truth? How will Shivaay escape this trap?

Stay tuned for further updates.