Is Ssharad Malhotra using his break-up to boost his career?

Is Ssharad Malhotra using his break-up to boost his career?
The actor was nowhere in the picture for years until rumours of his relationship with Divyanka Tripathi starting doing media rounds. He later bagged the lead role inBharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap.
Ever since news of Ssharad and Divyanka parting ways after seven years together came out, there’s a long list of theories decoding the reason of their break-up. But Ssharad pays no heed to the rumours. Instead he is keener to talk more about his career – quite smart!
The actor says that his role as Pratap is physically exhausting. “The role is physically exerting. We do horse-riding, sword fighting, martial arts and then the heavy costumes. But what matters in the end is when people appreciate your work,” he said.
Ssharad has also done acting and direction course from New York Film Academy. But the actor says he is more interested in acting rather than direction right now. “I would like to direct for big as well as small screen some day. But for now acting is the only thing in my mind. I have so many characters in my mind that I would like to do first,” he said.
Well, the actor is definitely using his career to sideline any questions about his relationship. In spite of a gazillion rumours that could tarnish his image, the actor refuses to talk about it. We wonder if the rumours don’t bother him. “It used to bother me. But I believe that speculations will always be there and one can’t keep on clearing out things. At the end of the day you know what you have done. Everyone has issues, be it personal or professional, so that’s okay,” said Ssharad.
Well if you ask us, we think the actor is playing smart and using the new found attention to boost his career, no?