Is Deepika being over-friendly with competition to avoid media-made wars?

Is Deepika being over-friendly with competition to avoid media-made wars?

Deepika Padukone is on the pinnacle of her career, the phase which often gets people into their ‘arrogant’ zones. However, we see that stardom, fame and success has the exact opposite effect on Ms Padukone. As Deepika’s stardom has been rising, so has been her humility, which is a rare case indeed.

However, stardom too has its downside. If on one side you have the romantic linkups, then on the other you have news flying around, about your rivalry and enmity with close competition. Deepika got her share of bad press with the various ‘tiff’ stories. There were reports of ill-will between Deepika, Katrina, Kangana, Anushka, and Sonam to name a few. The point is, was all this too much to take in for the dimpled beauty? Did she resolve to make an extra effort to keep negativity at bay?

A few incidents have shown Deepika’s eagerness to resolve these issues. First, there was the mysterious case of ‘tweeting’ birthday wishes to arch rival Katrina Kaif. This was odd for two reasons. One, that the two ladies have never been known to be good friends. Two, that Katrina is not on Twitter or any social media platform. What then, urged the dimpled beauty to reach out to the gorgeous girlfriend of her ex-lover?

At a recent award show Deepika Padukone bagged the Best Actress award for “Happy New Year”. While on stage to receive her trophy, the leggy lass dedicated it to Kangana Ranaut. Deepika said, “Thank you for this award, but I believe that this year belonged to Kangana. So, Kangana, this one’s for you.”

This was not all. At a recent event, when some of the B-town stars were all set to meet the I&B Minister over some serious ‘censorship’ issues, Deepika out of the blue planted a tight kiss on Anushka’s cheek, taking her completely by surprise.

Well, what do you think makes Deepika go this extra mile to be good to her colleagues? Do you think this is Deepika’s way of keeping media-made wars and unwanted attention at bay?