Iqbal Khan, Sumona Chakravarti rant about Beef Ban in Maharashtra!

Iqbal Khan, Sumona Chakravarti rant about Beef Ban in Maharashtra!
The law passed to ban eating beef in Maharashtra left many citizens of the state baffled. While the Twitter remained abuzz throughout the day with the angry tweets of the people, there were some TV Towners too who took to the social network to give way to their feelings.
Actor Iqbal Khan and ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ actress Sumona Chakravarti went into a rant about the law passed by the state government.
It was Iqbal who started tweeting soon after the announcement was made.
He wrote, “I can still understand if ur an animal lover and ban all meat…but this one’s takes the cake hahahahahhahahah.”
This was followed by a series of tweets from Iqbal’s end. The ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi: Darr Ka Blockbuster Returns’ actor looked amused and disgusted with the new law. He went about tweeting, “I don’t even eat beef..but banning it…you need a reason. And im really sad to see some of the comments which show how much hatred exists.”
His next few tweets were, “No ban for cigarettes and alcohol but beef ban. really silly. Susu u can do on the road but can’t kiss. Kya sense bana? Chicken u can eat but beef u can’t. Kya sense bana?
Later, Sumona too joined the debate to express her thoughts on the enforcement on the new law. She tweeted, “#BeefBan in Maharashtra !!! WTFDude i love my steaks.. So wats next- no jeans no skirts no non-veg.. Where r we headed???.”
Sumona’s tweet was not received kindly by the critics of beef eating. To answer them, Sumona wrote, “For all those criticising me, eatin habit is a personal choice. How is #BeefBan even a priority in a nation whr far more serious issues need to be tackled? Eg. Rape, poverty, corruption, infrastructure, etc, etc.. Seriously!.”
Going by the views of the actors shared above, do you think they are biased or fair?