#IPLFever: TV actors and their CRICKET memories

#IPLFever: TV actors and their CRICKET memories
The IPL (Indian Premiere League) gives viewers the perfect entertainment dose. With cricket and glamour joining hands, IPL is the best option on TV this summer.
And cricket also brings forward quite a lot of childhood memories in all of us. After all, summer vacation meant playing cricket all day with your friends.
Tina Dutta
There are so many memories attached to the game as a child. I used to play with my neighbours, though I wasn’t that good at cricket, I used to still enjoy it with friends. How I miss it now!
Ripudaman Handa
Cricket is huge on Delhi streets; I used to play gully cricket with my brother and friends. Also, our entire family used to watch India-Pakistan matches over pots of tea. Those memories are still fresh in my mind.
Gunjan Utreja
I have some really funny childhood memories associated with the game. Only one of my friends had a bat at that time. And the moment he got out, he would go home with it. So, just to continue the game, we had to ensure that he never got out. I also remember practising pace bowling with my cousins.
Vivek Mishra
Cricket was a craze when we were kids and we used to play hours in the sun. I remember we used to play with our neighbourhood friends, but we would always end up losing the ball and return home all disappointed.
Sachin Parikh
Half of my childhood was spent playing gully cricket.  We used to go to a place called Gholwad near Dahanu to play cricket for two to three days and strengthen our skills. We would then return and challenge the best teams in our locality.

Subuhi Joshi

When I was a little kid, my maasis and maamu used to play cricket, and I would insist that they take me in the team. I would never bowl, only bat. It was so much fun when families used to bond over cricket.