Indian actors don’t know how to make love on camera: Om Puri

Indian actors don’t know how to make love on camera: Om Puri

In India, lovemaking or implication of sex is either through depiction of two mingling flowers or through holding hands and playing footsies. In another instance, when love scenes are depicted, most of the times the actors have their clothes on, while doing so.

The veteran actor who is known for his acting mettle and his artistic skills, Om Puri is quite miffed with Indian actors and their lovemaking strategies on screen. The 64 year old actor has quite a lot to say on lovemaking shown in Indian cinema.

In an Interview to DNA, he went vocal and said, “Firstly, I’d like to say the lovemaking in our films is really the pits. We Indian actors don’t know how to make love on camera. There is so much awkwardness in the body movements. We are all limbs and elbows. It looks very fake and strained.”

He adds, “Where in the world, and how, do people make love with their clothes on? It’s ridiculous. If you don’t want to show actors without their clothes, just shoot the faces. There is no point in shooting an unconvincing love scene. I am sorry to say our love-making scenes are highly unaesthetic.”

He has too in his career done a few awkward scenes but that then that was the demand of his directors and the script. Having clothes on, not filming the scenes properly and contriving; Indian lovemaking, according to Om Puri is not up to the mark. Having said that, he doesn’t uphold that nudity is mandate for lovemaking or a bathroom scene.

“When I make a film, it will have the best lovemaking scene ever shot in our country”, signs off the talented actor promising all.