I don’t know the price of petrol or vegetables: Shah Rukh Khan

I don’t know the price of petrol or vegetables: Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan is all excited about his ‘comeback’ into television with the &TV show ‘India Poochega Sabse Shaana Kaun?’. In an interview with DNA, SRK spoke about his show and why he holds it dear.

SRK said, “My first criteria for everyone will always be that hopefully it works on the new channel. This is not fiction, it’s reality TV. So I would not give my ideas. They want to have spikes, they want to have the GRPs so hopefully, whatever they tell me to do, I do it. There’s obviously a method in which I host shows or live shows which you can’t change. I know I have a freedom given to me by everyone at Zee to just be myself. So hopefully that makes up for the lack of understanding I have. Their understanding of television, my understanding of being myself is the mix we’re looking for, in India Poochega. Hopefully, people will like it.”

When asked if he loved having the ‘common man’ on his show, SRK said, “I come from a common background. So it’s difficult to go back 25 years and think that I was common. But I know where my antecedents are from and to me, I have never been special. I have never been surprised to think that I am a big movie star. So I understand that world of the common man very well. I understand the sisters, the brothers, the cousins, the aunties and the issues people have. I won’t lie but I don’t know the price of petrol or vegetables. But that does not make me uncommon, that makes me really busy. I don’t understand that, but there was a time when I did all that”.

Well, it will surely be a treat watching a lot of ‘SRK’ right here in our living rooms. Are you looking forward to the show?

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