I am really scared of casting couch: Vishal Vashishtha

I am really scared of casting couch: Vishal Vashishtha
The guy is not only good looking, but is also very smart and intelligent. We are talking about Vishal Vashishtha, currently seen enthralling viewers as Baldev on Star Plus’ Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera (Beyond Dreams Entertainment).
With the show’s female leads always in talks for their catfights, we thought of talking to the young guy to know how male actors deal with such complications. Have a fun read with Vishal baring his heart out in a candid chat:
A lot has been said about catfights among female actors, what is the equation among guys?
 “We guys are totally cool and have no such issues. I think everything is fine among guys as we don’t make an effort to get over friendly with each other or hate each other. We are friendly, share great warmth and respect each other’s existence but never try to intrude into each other’s privacy. I think this is how it should be.”
Is it competition or friendship, what is the usual relationship among the fraternity? “I am sure a healthy competition is there, but what I have learnt and seen is that we are quite friendly. Since we are a young brigade, we tend to gel well, along with keeping a tab on what our counterparts are doing,” he added.
Actors are said to be fake, what is your take on that?
(Laughs)” I know it does happen and is a very common thing. But I am a very casual person and I find no reason to be sweet to people or pretend to like them. Although people have often told me to behave in a particular way, I just can’t do it.”
Insecurities are a part of an actor’s life, how do you deal with it?
 “Well we are humans and definitely have insecurities and issues in life but we shouldn’t ever let it affect us. Even if negativity takes you down, you should know how to shrug it off and be positive. Once you are able to keep a balance your emotions, all will be good.”
Casting couch is a known practice in the industry, have you ever faced it? “Luckily not yet and trust me, I am really scared of these things. I am kind of prepared to face it, should it ever happen, but I will never do it for sure (laughs). But yes, I know a lot of friends who have gone through it!”
If given a chance, would you change anything about the industry.
“I think rather than focussing on quantity people should be producing quality stuff. I think endless daily shows should take a break and seasonal ones or weekly shows should replace them. That will not only bring out creative projects but also cut down on the work pressure.”
Well said, boy!