Here’s Whats troubling Ali Asgar and Sunil Grovers Kids

Here’s Whats troubling Ali Asgar and Sunil Grovers Kids

Ali Asgar and Sunil Grover are two of the country’s most loved TV stars but their lives are not all that easy. Fame comes at a price, which at times includes your kids getting embarrassed because their dads dress as women on TV.

Asgar and Sunil, who essayed female characters Dadi and Gutthi on Colors’ hit TV show Comedy Nights With Kapil, told Times Of India that their kids don’t place them in high regard for their professional choices.

“My children – son and daughter – don’t like me playing such characters at all. They are embarrassed to go out with me because people start shouting Dadi! Dadi! when they see me,” said Asgar. He says that his kids are bullied at school and other children point at his son and say “Iska baap toh Basanti hai” (a character he played in Comedy Circus).

“My son tells me ‘Aap ko kuchh aur aata nahi hai kya! Aap hamesha yahi sab karte ho?’ I try to explain it to him that this is my work, but he tells me chhod do yeh sab,” Asgar told the daily. He reveals that though Dadi’s character has given him a lot of popularity, it is not such a hit among his kids.

Sunil Grover also shares a similar story. “My son Mohan is six years old. Initially when he saw me as a woman on Comedy Nights, usey bahut ajeeb laga tha. Building ke kuch ladke use chhedte the ki ‘oye, tere Papa toh ladki bante hai’. My son asked me to not play a woman,” he said.
But one day Sunil decided to do something about it and took his son to a mall. A sea of people ran up to him to take pictures and autographs and of course, his son was amazed to see how popular he was.
“I explained to him that I am popular today because of Gutthi. I am proud to be my son’s hero even though I play a heroine,” he said.