Gul E Rana: What Was The Ending Supposed To Mean?

Gul E Rana: What Was The Ending Supposed To Mean?

“If the story doesn’t have a happy ending it might just not be an ending.”

Maybe it is true. Maybe not. But then in the era of happily ever afters the story of Gul E Rana left us pondering, confused and awaiting. The last episode of the show was aired on Saturday and it leaves us anticipated wanting for more and unhappy as this was not what a fan girl heart wants. Honestly the ending killed me.

The episode begins with Rana and Adeel having the much-needed talk and just letting it all out in their heart. There were some moments where Adeel and Gul E Rana walk and roam around the place. Followed by his friend coming to their place and Adeel defending his marriage saying theirs was a love marriage. The highlight was Adeel talking and telling her his state of mind and how he repents it and the reason behind why he is like that. But then a sad misery indulges as Asher breathes his last in Lahore and Rana and Adeel go to Lahore. However right then abruptly we get a change of scene where Adeel flies back to Islamabad where now he resides alone and we see Rana as a primary teacher teaching kids rhymes. And that was the end with Adeel’s silhouette standing on a hill and tears in the eyes of Rana. So so rushed, sudden and startling.

If the ending that had the famous Jack and Jill rhyme is what the viewers need to take it as a sign that they lived together then why were they alone? Why were there tears in her eyes and why was Adeel alone in Islamabad? Did he give her a divorce?

These questions could have been answered very simply but then we can’t really make out whether it was a happy ending or a sad one. Rather it was confusing because a lot of questions were unanswered and it made us curious rather than content.

The best scene of the episode and maybe the entire show was Rana rushing to Adeel after the death of Asher and the emotions were – Perfect. Her anguish and his fear of seeing her like that and then pestering her to not cry and that hug. That hug he gave her and the way he held on to her, carrying her weight while unable to walk properly himself. It was so Adeel and so good. It somehow makes up for the confused state of our minds but also leaves us wanting for more because these were the scenes we could get had the redemption of Adeel started a bit early and the track was elongated unnecessarily. The awkward but normal moments between them as husband and wife make up for the show’s creative point going downhill at some time but this was definitely not the ending we wanted.
Anyways Gul E Rana was a brilliant one if only it was done and made a bit faster. Just a bit more.