Gaurav S Bajaj’s wife gifts him a colourful “lion”!

Gaurav S Bajaj’s wife gifts him a colourful “lion”!
Gaurav S. Bajaj aka Sherkhan of ‘Piya Rangrezz’ of Life OK was gifted a colourful painting of a lion by none other than his own wife, Sakshi Bajaj.
Sakshi made sure to keep the painting as a surprise for Gaurav who has been obsessed with lions lately. “She is an absolute amazing artist. She paints and sketches very well. When I woke up in the morning, she had kept the painting on the sofa where we have our morning coffee. My reaction was just numb as it was a big surprise for me! It just made my morning. These days I am really obsessed with lions painting and designs anyway.”
On being asked about decision to use the painting in the show he says, “Yes it is true I would use the painting in my show. The idea has been discussed and approved by creative team. It would be an emotional moment for me for sure.”
Sakshi clearly knew what she was doing as Gaurav play the character of Sher in the show Piya ‘Rangrez’, she came up with the creative idea of coloring the lion in different shades and gave painting its own meaning.
Unlike other married couple, who get caught up with hectic city life, Gaurav Bajaj makes sure he spends quality and quantity time with his beloved wife to keep his marriage on track. “That’s all depend on individual to individual,” he explains “Everybody is busy in life with their respective work life. What matters the most is how to balance professional and personal life. I have grown up in such an atmosphere with family that my dad is the best set example to look at. Therefore, I say, happy wife makes a happy life.”
The TV actor had 7 honeymoons at a stretch. Besides, the couple often go to shopping together, not to buy clothes but to spend time together in malls or coffee shops. It’s more like spending the time with your best friend.
“Giving Space and mutual understanding leads to best and a happy married life. Most importantly, spending time with each other. That’s one reason we holiday a lot to spend time. ‘We time’ is really a magical mantra,” concludes Gaurav.