Ganga Wins The Case Against Yash In &TV’s Gangaa!!!

Ganga Wins The Case Against Yash In &TV’s Gangaa!!!

Things have been tough for Ganga (Aditi Sharma) in Sphere Origins’ Gangaa on &TV. However looks like finally good days are ahead and soon Ganga will put all that’s been happening behind her.

As seen Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) is fighting Ganga’s court case against Yash. Though he would lose the case in the first hearing, the second hearing will see Sagar gather proofs against Yash and prove him guilty. So what does this mean?

Well only one thing that Ganga will finally win the case against Yash (Akash Gill) all thanks to Sagar. Will the family accept Ganga after this development?

If sources are to be believed Panchi Bohra’s stint in the show is set to come to an end and also we hear that Yash who will be taken to prison would somehow escape.

Looks like we have more drama coming up but for now we’ll take Ganga’s vitory as a reason to celebrate.