Freida Pinto to host the Vanity Fair Pre Oscar Party!

Freida Pinto to host the Vanity Fair Pre Oscar Party!

Actress Freida Pinto is all set to host the Vanity Fair Pre Oscar party for the second consecutive time. She will play a host to all the Hollywood biggies in LA on Feb 20 in LA (Feb 21 India Time).

Because of her commitment to Girl Rising – a movement centered on a film with stories of nine girls born into unforgiving circumstances, Freida, for the second time will be hosting the Vanity Fair Pre Oscar party.

Vanity Fair magazine and Freida are looking forward to unite the fraternity with the magic of the movies and also this occasion will be the perfect a platform to build awareness and benefit the cause of Freida’s non profit production venture. With some heavyweights in Bollywood now attached to the Indian version of the film and cause as ambassadors, Freida, as co producer, is also working towards creating a movement that will effectively action change.

“It’s such a wonderful feeling to be hosting the Vanity Fair Pre Oscar bash in support of Girl Rising for the second time. It’s a spectacular way to draw attention to the Girl Rising- India movement among my peers and the audiences especially since most of the world is clued in because of the prestigious upcoming Oscars. As a producer and ambassador for the Girl Rising movement, I feel so proud to see our baby taking its first steps, to becoming a revolution that aims at giving girls that much required chance to unleash their full potential, one that aims at changing mindsets towards India’s daughters,” says Frieda about hosting the event.

The party night – DJ Night with Freida Pinto and Vanity Fair will have performances by DJ Taryn Manning and Ms Nix. The funds raised from the event will be directed towards furthering the various initiatives under the Girl Rising campaign.