Flirt like on-screen character Zaki: Sehban Azim

Flirt like on-screen character Zaki: Sehban Azim
Drawing similarities between himself and his onscreen flirtatious character Zaki, actor Sehban Azim admits that he is a playboy, but with a heart of gold.
In TV serial “Humsafars”, Zaki is a flirt and knows his way around women.
“In many ways Zaki is like how I am in real life. I am a little shy but Zaki is this flamboyant, extrovert who has his way with women. He enjoys undivided attention of women and is completely at ease in their company,” Sehban said in a statement.
There is one more similarity between Sehban and Zaki and it’s that they are still on the lookout for their respective soul mates.
“He is eagerly waiting to fall in love but, on the other hand, he will not leave a chance to flirt with any random girl he finds pretty and that is where I connect with Zaki. He is also very suave, so I am loving it,” he said.
The actor is having “fun” portraying the role and adds that the coming episodes will show the other side of his character.
The weekly show, which is an intense love story between two imperfect and contrasting individuals, is beamed on Sony TV at 10:30 p.m.