Five Reasons Why MTV Roadies X2 Is Different This Year!

Five Reasons Why MTV Roadies X2 Is Different This Year!
MTV Roadies is back guys!
Excitement time or is it going to be a yawn-fest?
Well, we will know it today 7pm onwards, but going by the promos and lots of marketing activity, one thing is for sure: it is going to be different this year. Good different or bad different, that’s for you guys to decide! We bring you the top five changes that have happened in this 12th season (this makes the show the longest running reality show in the country!!!!) and as they say, change is always for the best! Read on to know if it excites you or not:
1) Changed Format
We all have gotten used to watching Rannvijay along with twin brothers, Raghu-Rajiv as the show’s hosts as well as the anchors that make the show move forward. However, this year Raghu and Rajiv have been replaced by new faces and there will be a total of four hosts who will be termed as gang leaders. Now the chosen contestants will become a part of these gangs and will compete for the title! 20 contestants along with four gang leaders competing hard and wild to win the show, this definitely makes it one hell of a competition!
2) New Faces Including Female Host
Yes, the show has brought on board boxer Vijendra Singh for his never say die approach, TV actorKaran Kundra for his versatility and actress Esha Deol to bring that much needed girl-power to move in with the times! Who knows, their combined chemistry with old-hand Rannvijay will help the audience to forget the craziness of twin brothers!
3) Voting Power
This will definitely make you happy guys. Till now, only the judges had the power to select the contestants, but from this season, even the audience will have that power. Simple, use your votes to select your favourite contestants and participate in your own way.
4) Celebrity Quotient
Unlike earlier, this season will see big names from Bollywood promoting the show and welcoming it back! Superstars like Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, John Abraham and Akshay Kumarhave been roped in to talk about the show. Cool, right?
5) The Modi factor
Now this must be like a googly, isn’t it? Well, Mr. Modi isn’t a part of the show, but the producers have decided to cover rough and tough Indian terrain for the Roadies’ journey. And it will start from the holy land of Varanasi, the same place Narendra Modi has won his elections from! Going all the way to origin of Ganges in Nepal, this journey is going to be adventurous, wild and real fun! Mr. Modi will definitely love the extra publicity, what say?