First look of grown-up Ruhi in ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbtein’

First look of grown-up Ruhi in ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbtein’

We told you the entire story of “Ye Hai Mohabbtein” post leap but here are few more surprises in store for you.
The biggest surprise will be grown-up Ruhi who will be called Ruhaan after the leap.

We bring you the exclusive look of Ruhaan aka Ruhi post leap. Ruhaan will be played by Aditi Bhatia. Post leap Ruhi will be shown living in a boarding house and Nidhi will be her new mom. Nidhi will bring-up Ruhi like a boy and she will don a tomboyish look.

Ruhaan will be seen in boy-cut hairstyle and wearing trouser and shirts. She will be a popular singer and will be addressed as rockstar by her friends and fans.

The leap will happen very soon and Ruhi aka Ruhaan was spotted on the sets of “Ye Hai Mohabbtein” chatting with Divyanka.

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