EXCLUSIVE: Nia Sharma – I was very nervous to kiss Namit Khanna for Twisted

EXCLUSIVE: Nia Sharma – I was very nervous to kiss Namit Khanna for Twisted
Nia Sharma is a popular name in television and enjoys a massive fan following. While the actress’ shows are a hit with the audience, it was a pleasant surprise when she signed Vikram Bhatt’s web-series, Twisted.
Ask her how did the series come her way and Nia reveals, “I haven’t been aware of any web-series. I was directly approached by Vikram Bhatt and that is how it happened. I was only narrated the story and there were no auditions that happened. When I met Vikram, the first thing he told me is that ‘by only looking at the face I know if it fits the character’ and guess mine fitted too so I was cast.”
Given that she has a choc-a-block schedule, accommodating Twisted would have been a task. Quiz her what was that one thing in the web series that attracted her to sign it and she says, “Honestly, I won’t say that I was inspired and all. It came my way and then I realized that I am not going to do a TV show soon. So there was some time before I would take up something in TV for the kind of work I would do. Twisted required 27 days of work. Since it was a short project, I had no apprehensions in doing it and today I have no regrets.”
In the series, Nia plays the role of a hot model Alia Mukherjee, who would be seen romancing Namit Khanna, on the screen. Ask Nia if she had any apprehensions in doing bold scenes and doing intimate scenes with Namit and she reasons, “If I had to give so many thoughts to it, then I wouldn’t have done it. But I had great apprehension in locking lips with Namit on the screen. I come with my own prerogatives. I was very nervous because the kind of promotions and publicity the media gets you with this kind of scenes, it gets very odd. Otherwise, it is a series in which I play a seductress and the role demands some boldness. I cannot play a bahu and do something like this. It is a character which will come with its share of bold scenes and steamy lip-locks. But that doesn’t need to be blown out of proportion. It did bother me. Otherwise, I was okay.”
Since this is the first time Nia is collaborating with Vikram Bhatt, we probe her on the experience of working with the filmmaker, to which the actress says, “Vikram Bhatt isn’t working with me, unfortunately, but he has just written the series. It is good meeting him. His word of mouth is very strong and he is a very intelligent man. When I told my friends that I am doing a VB web series, they said you should just go all out. He is a good man to talk to.”
She adds, “Namit is also very cool. He has got this sense of sincerity. When we were doing our photoshoot, he was really effortless. He is a focused guy and a very cool person.”
With Vikram Bhatt’s Maaya doing well on the platform after its release, one expects that Twisted will also get a similar response. Ask Nia if she would be open to doing more such web-series if they perform well and she honestly admits, “I don’t know how web series perform. I don’t know how will Twisted perform. I just know that I had spare time and hence I picked this project up. It would be a new team and a new learning. It is a different setup, so there is no loss. There is not much money in web series as compared to what I make on TV. And that is a fact. So I would love to make money at a time when I am getting my price.”
Recently, Nia was given the title of Asia’s third sexiest woman. When we quizzed her what was it like to win this title, the sexy lady replies, “I feel that it has been acknowledged but I don’t take it to my head. Not that I am really sexy or anything. It is fun to be written about like this. It is all cool. I just want to look better by each passing day. I don’t know who are those people who want that tag. I don’t think anyone was bothered about the news despite it going viral. None of my friends messaged me.”