EXCLUSIVE- Kiku Sharda: My live show with Sunil has got nothing to do with Grover and Kapil Sharma’s controversy

EXCLUSIVE- Kiku Sharda: My live show with Sunil has got nothing to do with Grover and Kapil Sharma’s controversy

What happens when two most loved actors get involved in a brawl and continue to be persistent withholding their egos higher in a fit of irritation over the unfortunate incident? Well, it certainly increases to the irritation of their loyal fans, especially the ones who are ardent followers of the ‘pair.’ This is what exactly is happening with Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover fans. It won’t be wrong if one says that the actor’s squabble has directly hit their loyal fans and lovers hard who wait for every weekend to have a hearty laugh with the hilarious antics together on the show.

The unwanted and much blown out pf proportion fight has definitely scandalized the ardent fans of TKSS, and that is what we exactly saw after yesterday’s episode that marked the absence of Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar & Chandan Prabhakar. Though not a letdown, the episode yesterday did make people miss the hilarious trio on screen.

But one character that has been persistent on the show, making sure nothing affects his love towards his fans and work, is Kiku Sharda. The actor, who hands down is one of the staunch pillars of TKSS, chose to stay back with Kapil after his fellow members chose to leave the show after the ugly fight. Not just that, Kiku will also be seen performing a vital role in Sunil’s upcoming live show to be held in Delhi on April 1.

A few over-hyped media reports also stated Kiku to be playing safe by balancing with Kapil by being on TKSS and also with Sunil by being a part of his show, thus putting him into the negative light.

We got in touch with Kiku to know his version of the story. The actor blatantly refused to comment on the issue initially stating that there will be more controversy for no reason. But when probed further, he said, “Firstly what does balancing both the shows mean?! Like what are these ‘both the shows’?! The one that I am going to do with Sunil is a one off thing just for a day unlike a series of episodes. It was planned three months in advance. It absolutely has got nothing to do nothing with the controversy stating both Sunil and Kapil. Three months ago we agreed to do a show in Delhi with these two characters. So there is nothing as such, there is no connection with my one off with Sunil and the controversy. It’s sad to know people are thinking this way.”

He further said, “To make it clear, the one with Sunil is a one off thing and I am doing only one show, The Kapil Sharma Show.” After which he refused to talk about anything, more!

Well Well! It’s time to bury the hatchet guys!