EXCLUSIVE: Kamya Punjabi on her short film: “I don’t want another Pratyusha Banerjee in the making ever

EXCLUSIVE: Kamya Punjabi on her short film: “I don’t want another Pratyusha Banerjee in the making ever

Pratyusha  Banerjee’s untimely death shook the entire nation. People found it extremely hard to digest the fact that the gorgeous lady was no more in between them. While many celebs encashed the media attention through this unfortunate happening, a few actually stood by Pratyusha’s parents through thick and thin and made it a point to fight for justice.

One of them was undoutedbly Kamya Punjabi who was Pratyusha’s best friend. What caused actress Pratyusha to end her life, is still probably a mystery. While the reports state that it was her Boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh’s trauma, other reports stated it was due to financial issues. Whatever the reason was, the TV industry sadly lost one of their star performers forever.

But now on the first death anniversary of the late actress,  Kamya Punjabi is all set to pay her a tribute. Kamya apparently is set to release a short film, ‘Hum Kuchh Keh Naa Sakey’, online, in the memory of her best friend. Probably, this was the last project for Pratyusha, where she would be seen facing the camera before she ended her life.  Shot one-and-a-half month before her suicide, the film features Pratyusha in the lead. It bears an a kind of striking resemblance to the story of her real life with the subject revolving around heartbreak and depression.

While talking about the film, Kamya told us, “It’s been produced by a common friend of mine and Pratyusha, Neeru Nikhat. She called me a few days ago, and said that let’s do something about this movie, let’s release it online. And I was like Yes, we should.” “Whatever we earn from this movie, I will be handing it all over to Pratyusha’s parents. So I thought of releasing the movie in a better way since the purpose of the movie is so good.” “What’s there in the movie I would want everyone to see and then tell me about it. We couldn’t shoot the entire movie with Pratyusha. The climax part was left and before we could shoot for that, Pratyusha herself got her real life’s climax done. We had shot for it almost every night,” said Kamya. “People need to realise that it is okay to talk about your issues rather going through them alone, I want people to know this,” she further added.

The trailer of the movie bears a striking resemblance to Pratyusha’s real life happening. And with the male character’s name being Rahul in the movie, it becomes all the more relatable. “Yes, this movie was made when she was amongst us. Probably she was actually going through all that during the time of the shoot.” “You know, that is the only big regret that I have. I couldn’t help her when she wanted it the most. I was also going through a lot of ups and downs in my life that time after my break up with Karan. I was too unstable. But had she spoken about the intensity of her issue even once, things would have been better. I should have forced her. I regret of having not done this.” She further said, “I don’t want another Pratyusha in the making ever! If I could ever save a life, I would feel a little less guilty than what I am feeling now,” said Kamya.

Pratyusha committed suicide on 1st April 2016 after allegedly being unable to deal with the constant issues in her relationship with Rahul Raj Singh.