Exclusive: I have stepped into a bigger league with ‘Khamoshiyaan’: Ali Fazal

Exclusive: I have stepped into a bigger league with ‘Khamoshiyaan’: Ali Fazal

Ali Fazal has a rather unique face. Striking because of its sharp, near perfect features that add up to a gentle, welcoming persona. Not the usual glass eyed, protein shake fuelled, beefed up hunk that’s becoming the norm in showbiz.

Fazal, who has had his fair share of near misses with his acting, is really counting on ‘Khamoshiyaan’ to change his luck. He spoke with Pinkvilla about his experiences.

“When the film’s director Karan Darra called me up, and told me the film’s catch line over the phone, I was immediately hooked. I actually made him narrate the whole film to me over phone! The film is layered, and different aspects emerge as you keep watching. Mine is a role of a writer who has never really completed anything, any story. How much of the film is his imagination, and how much is real, well that’s something you will need to see for yourself.”

Fazal made a short but impressive debut with ‘3 Idiots’, but ever since, has missed the limelight by a whisker. He was appreciated for ‘Fukrey’ and despite a decent performance in ‘Bobby Jasoos’ last year; most of the credit went to Vidya Balan (naturally!).

“I have taken baby steps. I have stepped into a bigger league with ‘Khamoshiyaan’, and I am grateful to Mahesh Bhatt sir. I am also grateful to myself, for being patient. I have never really had a goal to be a true blue movie star, unlike a lot of my colleagues. I know my next one will be better than my previous one. I know where I am headed, and how will I evolve. There’s nothing stopping you. I don’t have a family background on films, and I will need to work for it.”

Fazal will be seen in two more films from the Bhatt camp.

“I am working on Pooja Bhatt’s directorial venture, with Richa Chaddha. That only starts later. Last year, I had two releases, and I was so into work, that after a long time, I feel at peace. I can focus on something and do it right. Right now, all my attention is on ‘Khamoshiyaan.”

But the one moment when Fazal’s near perfect face and composure wear a quizzical expression is when I directly pose a question about him being cast in a huge, proposed American TV series (to be honest, I wasn’t sure whether it was a Netflix series or something else for ABC Networks. But the grapevine said, he is on to something interesting possibly).

“Who told you this?” He asks. Pauses. And then says, ‘No’, with a naughty smile.

Curious, aren’t we? Here’s hoping his hard work gets rewarded. And we wouldn’t mind seeing another young Indian talent working abroad in TV or film anyway!