EXCLUSIVE: A lot of my contemporaries had turned down the offer but my BF Abhinav had faith in the role: Rubina Dilaik on playing a transgender

EXCLUSIVE: A lot of my contemporaries had turned down the offer but my BF Abhinav had faith in the role: Rubina Dilaik on playing a transgender

Actress Rubina Dilaik who has been receiving a lot of accolades for her role of a transgender in the show Shakti, Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki is all set for one of the most important twists in the show. Now that she has been receiving a wave of love and compliments from fans for her role, we spoke to her about her journey as Saumya.

While talking about her inhibitions, back then while taking up the offer, Rubina said, “We had a lot of apprehensions about being accepted or not, because this show was completely different and never been made. So not just me, but everybody had this tension of being accepted or not, how will things unfold for them. But we have been really grateful and blessed that the audience has accepted us. That acceptance is really important. It is just an encouragement for us and that makes us give the audience even more good work. It is an exhilarating experience.”

She further said, ” I did not just have a second thought, but many thoughts because something like this was never done ever on Indian TV. By then, I had heard of how my contemporaries had turned down the offer. So naturally, my first reaction was of being doubtful. But it was my boyfriend Abhinav Shukla who had complete faith in the role and pushed me to take up this offer. He had told me that Rubina, this is sure to be a career changing opportunity. Either it will take you into the long run or break you. So see whether you want to take the risk or not. He told me to push my limit as an actor and that’s when I decided that if I really wanted to test myself as an actor, then this has to be it.

So has he been following the show?! Ask her this and Rubina says, “He has been following the show. Especially, the first episodes. And you know what when criticism is wrapped in encouragement, it actually changes your perception. It really encouraged me to do this character. Today I am attempting it and he still encourages me to bring about the little little changes for the betterment of the character which will add to the beauty of it. It makes me feel good on seeing the constant support from him, makes me feel better and do good work on how can I improve myself.”

So what attracts her while taking up an offer; money, content or both?! And Rubina says,  “None. It is just because of the mere joy of performing the roles. I love myself as an artist, I love acting, I love my job. That love ensures that I do my best in every scene. So of course, money then follows later.”

Meanwhile, in the show, Rubina aka Saumya is all set to get her little sister Surbhi aka Roshni get married to her husband Harman.

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