Ek Veer Ki Ardaas – Veera: Ranvijay wins Junoon 2014, tiff between Baldev and Veera

Ek Veer Ki Ardaas – Veera: Ranvijay wins Junoon 2014, tiff between Baldev and Veera

Ranvi finally gets to perform. Dev confronts Anmol about disqualifying him and announce Ranvijay as the winner. Ranvi disagrees saying he doesn’t want any favour and wants to win the competition following proper game format. Anmol still threatens Ranvi that only he gets to win the competition by hook or crook.

In the final round, Ranvi comes out as a clear winner with large number of votes. Whole Pitampura celebrates Ranvi’s win. Ratan, Veera, Gunjan, Baldev and even Rishabh are elated. In Ranvi’s winning speech he thanks Gunjan and Veera for their support and dedicates his win to his sister Veerakri. Ranvi asks Veera to come to stage and share his win.

Later when Anmol tries to flee from the venue Rishabh gets him arrested.

Back at Ranvi’s Mumbai home, Ratan and Veera read all the newspapers that published Ranvi’s winning news. Baldev confronts Veera and asks her to tell Ranvi about their relationship. Veera asks for some time from him. Baldev is restless. Ranvi enjoys his mom-made paranthas and Gunjan meanwhile comes and hands him over a schedule.

Soon, a few reporters come to interview Ranvi. He introduces Veera and his mother to the media. Gunjan and Baldev feel left out.

Back at Pitampura, Gunjan’s mom, Bansari and Chaiji distribute sweets among villagers. And then Bansari gets to know from villagers that Baldev is in a relationship with Veera. She is shocked.

What would be the repercussions of Ranvi’s win? To know more, keep reading this space.