EK Duje Ke Vaaste: Clichéd But Refreshing

EK Duje Ke Vaaste: Clichéd But Refreshing

Sony TV’s new show Ek Duje ke Vaaste is a refreshing change to all the serials. How many a time have you seen the female lead bullying the male lead in the full tapori style? We have always seen clashes and enmity between the protagonists at first and here as well this is evident right from the start but but but there is a past which lead to this. And that’s the most interesting part of the show.

Suman played by Nikita Dutta is a sanskaari niece to her uncle and aunt, who have brought her up after her parents’ death but is tashan wali businesswoman Sumo when she’s at her Tiffin service. Her contrasting personalities, which change with situations, is a shout-out to all women who balance various roles without batting an eyelid. Every girl is a variation of Suman and Sumo – the submissive beti’ at home and a fiercely independent lady in the outside world. Nikita shines in her role. She is effortlessly believable. Talking about the male lead he is tall. That’s the first thing what we notice about Namik Paul and somehow the tallness suits the character of the soft spoken and silent lawyer Shravan Malhotra. He is smart and suave and a kickass lawyer in his field.

The first week we were shown the lives of both Suman and Shravan gives us a glimpse of her daily life, her visa reaction and Shravan coming back. Also it is shown how she gives up her dream of going to USA to pay off the debt of her mother. The highlight was the flashback scenes where it gives an insight to the kind of relation Suman and Shravan shares in the past and now what things have changed. While the show has typical antagonist characters and a girl who can take up anything, there’s something certainly promising about the storyline.

This show is definitely going to do more good because of the chemistry between the leads and Nikita Dutta who portrays Sumo with a charm. This delightful combo has already fetched the series a fan in this writer. Her quest to pay off her mother’s debt, along with making things right with a childhood buddy forms the crux of this interesting show.

Therefore although clichéd this repetitive stroy yet looks fresh as both the lead characterization is really strong. The actors portray it really well although the editing could be somewhat more apt. Also the title track and montage display is another high point as you can’t stop yourself from watching further once you see that.

Hence our verdict is that with the meticulous shows running around us on TV; EK Duje Ke Vaaste is absolutely a treat to watch.