Diya Aur Baati Hum: Bhabho locks in Lalima as Suraj’s new wife; Officer Bharat gives false news to Sandhya!

Diya Aur Baati Hum: Bhabho locks in Lalima as Suraj’s new wife; Officer Bharat gives false news to Sandhya!
Everything is fair in love and war is an adage we all are familiar with. But, the characters in ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’ are practicing the adage without any tinge of guilt these days.
In the recent episodes, we saw Bhabho getting glad to see Suraj (Anas Rashid) express happiness on meeting Lalima, whom he assumes to be Sandhya (Deepika Singh). Bhabho concludes that perhaps the Lord has sent Lalima for Suraj and decides to meet her. It turns out that Lalima is the daughter of the man who had bought Suraj’s sweets shop some time back. After her father’s passing, Lalima has taken the control of the shop. Bhabho approaches Lalima for a conversation and likes her demeanour. She also learns that Lalima thinks highly of Suraj and has warm regards for him owing to his goodwill as the best halwai in Pushkar.
Bhabho instantly makes up her mind to get Suraj hitched to Lalima so that he can move on and forget Sandhya’s haunting memories. Bhabhasa confronts Bhabho and questions her about the ethical implications of her decision to get Lalima married to a mentally imbalanced Suraj. Bhabho says that she has no qualms about lying to Lalima and hiding facts from her for Suraj’s sake. She adds that she is ready to incur the sin of lying to Lalima by keeping her in the dark if that will benefit Suraj. Bhabhasa rests his case as he finds himself unable to stir Bhabho’s conscience.
On the other hand, in the Bengal’s village, Sandhya manages to stay back in the village by using a trick. She grabs the chance to sell jiggery on Manjari’s behalf in the market so that she could see her senior officer Bharat and exchange confidential information with him. As Sandhya goes about selling jiggery in the market, Chandrashekhar keeps vigil to pinpoint any of her secrets. Bharat visits Sandhya in disguise of a mohammedan man and communicates with her in sign language. Sandhya passes a note to him secretly in which she informs him about not finding Chandrashekhar. She also asks about the welfare of her family. Bharat thinks hard about divulging the real story to Sandhya; but refrains from informing her about the fact that her family has snapped ties with her as that would weaken Sandhya and spoil the mission.
Therefore, Bharat paints a rosy picture before Sandhya – because as they say – ignorance is bliss.
The episode ends with Chandrashekhar eyeing Sandhya sternly after Bharat’s departure.
In the next episode, we will see Chandrashekhar aka Chandu and his gang chasing Sandhya with guns in their hands. Is the cat out of the bag? Stay tuned to find out.