Dimple Jhangiani’s SWEET surprise for her mom

Dimple Jhangiani’s SWEET surprise for her mom
A daughter may be known as a father’s princess, but they definitely love their mommies the most!
Such a beautiful and loving daughter is Dimple Jhangiani who made her mother’s birthday a very special one!
The actress invited her mom Anju Jhangiani on the sets yesterday wherein she along with her cast got cakes for her. Dimple also organised a sweet little party with her co-stars and other family members to make the day special for her mother.
Shared the pretty girl, “My mom had always wanted to visit my sets but since I would be shooting, I refrained getting her along lest she got bored. But since it was her birthday, I called her and dad on the sets. When my co-stars got to know about her birthday, they got her a beautiful cake. I also ordered one, and mom had a nice little party with my friends with two cakes to cut. My cousins had also come all the way from Dubai, and together we had a merry time.”
The girl wrapped up her shoot a bit early and also took her parents out for dinner. “Since we are a small nuclear family, we make it a point to spend a lot of time together, especially on special days like birthdays and anniversaries. We had a nice family dinner, gorged on food and spent our day in complete bliss,” added the pretty actress!
Beti ho toh Dimple jaisi…don’t you think so????