Digangana Suryavanshi’s fans are reacting, Says Father Neeraj

Digangana Suryavanshi’s fans are reacting, Says Father Neeraj

Young performer and actress Digangana Suryavanshi who is currently inside the Bigg Boss house and doing pretty well considering the fact which is she us the youngest inmate in the show. Digangana who celebrated her 18th birthday inside the house is hardly visible inside the house and her fans are very unhappy about that. Digangana’s social networking forum has so many messages complaining on her not so visible status inside the house. Strangely Digangana who is known for her versatility in music, writing songs, penning poems has hardly explored herself so far.

Why is that?

Talking on her behalf Digangana’s father Neeraj Suryavanshi says,”Currently I am in charge of Digangana’s social networking account and I am amazed to see so many messages she is getting on day to day basis and they all are extremely unhappy about the way she is shown.”

Strangely after the task of teacher and naughty kids she was in the swimming pool and just after that she was not seen in the entire episode. Her fans are also inquisitive as none of her extracurricular quality has been active.

Digangana’s father also adds,”During the time of her going to Bigg Boss house we were sure that she will do well because she is a very confident girl and has very strong values. Her mother misses her everyday but she also knows that her daughter is capable of doing much better. So far the tasks performed by Digangana has been done playfully by her. Fans of Digangana also flooded her mailbox with messages of Mandana’s nomination for the inmates as she was initially not allowed to do that but after her secret room task she nominated people for eviction.

Digangana’s fans are hoping that in coming episodes the scene inside the house will improve and Digangana will emerge as a winner.