Did not join social media out of respect for hubby and FIL, says Aishwarya

Did not join social media out of respect for hubby and FIL, says Aishwarya

We know that many B-towners are very active on social media, including Abhishek Bachchan and Amitabh Bachchan. However, in an interview with Filmfare, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan explained in detail, why she wishes to stay away from the social media platforms.

She said, “I’ve no point to prove that I’m at the forefront in terms of having the latest bag, sporting the latest hairstyle or being the first person on Facebook. I saw Facebook flying all over the place. Also, very often people employ agencies to keep those accounts running and it is not really the artist that is conencting. I preferred to watch it from afar even though it is not a no from my side.”

She added, “Twitter is a wonderful tool to set facts right. However, it became a barometer of popularity. I didn’t feel the need to get onto the rat race. But this does not come from insecurity because I never had that in terms of the number of followers or well wishers I could also possibly project. That is incredibly vain. I already had that coming in various surveys and the millions of hits I was getting on Google. It was all there. So why get on to Twitter to prove that? People were putting up their yawns, sneezes, food pictures, and pictures of the sky when they were driving out to work…I know it was all to notch up the numbers.”

When asked if you can really tell if the star is chatting (on social media) or a representative, Aishwarya said, “Yes, you can because you know everybody’s vocabulary. If I have to do it, I will do it myself. Coming back to the fact that I was married into a family with the three of us within this turf, I did not want to be part of the comparative space. It opens you up to trolling. So out of respect for my husband and my father-in-law, I don’t need to be a part of this at this point of time!“.

Well, those are some strong sentiments from Aishwarya. Do you agree with her that stars do it to show off the number of their followers? Or do stars do it just because they like to interact with their fans? We would like to believe that they do it for the latter reason, don’t we?