Deepika Singh breaks her silence on slapping co-star Anas Rashid

Deepika Singh breaks her silence on slapping co-star Anas Rashid
Last week, the news of Deepika Singh slapping her co-star Anas Rashid for touching her the wrong way while shooting a scene on the set of ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum broke everywhere. While we spent the next few days biting our nail, worrying about the fate of the show due to the unfortunate incident; the information about Anas and Deepika’s reconciliation due to CINTAA’s intervention came as a respite.
To give more clarity on the matter, Deepika shared her thoughts with a news site recently. She said, “I don’t expect an apology from Anas neither he expects from me because there is no need for it. It was only an outburst because as a friend and as a co-actor, if he would have apologized when the incident occurred, I would have felt good and this matter wouldn’t have aggravated more.”
The actress also said that there is no bad blood between Anas and her anymore. In fact, she never wanted the issue to become talk of the town to avoid hampering Anas’s public image. But she had to stand up for her dignity as a woman which explains why she reacted violently.
The good part about the whole controversy is that Anas and Deepika have not just patched up but their equation has become better. “For the sake of the show DABH, we had to put an end to the matter as we did not want to hamper DABH’s fan’s hearts. The show is like a family to me as it has given me recognition and whatever I am today it is because of the show. I respect Anas as he is my first co-star and we were friends but after this incident, our friendship has become better,” she says talking about her show and new beginning with Anas,” told Deepika to the site.
As Shakespeare said, all’s well that ends well. And we hope things continue to remain sorted between the actors of DABH.