‘Critics? I have critics?’ – Abhishek Bachchan

‘Critics? I have critics?’ – Abhishek Bachchan

After playing Nandu Bhide in ‘Happy New Year’, Abhishek Bachchan feels happy for the praises he got for his role but is not satisfied as critics didn’t appreciate the film. In a heart-to-heart conversation with DNA, Abhishek Bachchan tells why he believes in a film and doesn’t take it as a solo or a multi starrer. Abhishek says, “I am one of the few actors who don’t believe in this multi-starrer/solo-hero concept. I think the industry itself is very conflicted and confused as to what a solo-starrer is and what a multi-starrer is. They say you should do solo films like Guru. I say Hello, you have Aishwarya Rai, R Madhavan, Vidya Balan and Mithun Chakraborty in the film, and so how is it a solo film?”

Similarly, when he was appreciated for playing Nandu and ‘HNY’ wasn’t, Abhishek says, “Critics? I have critics? What rubbish! I thought everybody loves me. The way I see it, if they haven’t liked the film then I failed. I don’t think it’s possible for any actor to stand out in a film. The intention was to make a good collective film and I think we achieved that and complete credit to Shah Rukh and Farah because it was their vision. They made the rest of us feel part of the family, but it was more like executors of their vision but yeah, no complaints. That’s my personal belief. I feel that if I was that good, they would have liked the film.”

Abhishek admits that playing Nandu was the most difficult part. And he reasons out why. “Somebody asked Farah, ‘Why did you think of Abhishek to do Nandu Bhide?’ And that question is valid. There is no semblance whatsoever. You know, I have done my education abroad, I don’t think I have met anybody like Nandu…I had no reference point. So, maybe she had confidence in me as an actor… I need to do stuff I am really uncomfortable doing. I have to do stuff that gives me sleepless nights because I know that if I can do this with my eyes shut, I’ll literally sleepwalk through the film. Maybe that’s the reason; I was so energetic as Nandu. Because I was trying to give it my best. So I really hope I don’t find my comfort zone. I know the minute I find my comfort zone, I am only going to do that and I will hate that.”

Speaking about his film ‘All Is Well’, which has been delayed since the time Smriti Irani left because of her political commitment, Abhishek says, “It’s not intended, it is unfortunate but these things happen. You know Smriti has been given the great honour to be made a minister in our government. She has a huge responsibility to the country and I think that has to supersede what we are doing and everybody who is part of the cast understood that and supported that. It was very gracious of her to agree for the film to go on without her because not only as a politician but as an actor, I am sure it’s a difficult choice to make.”

And with ‘All Is Well’ stalled, Abhishek hopes that the film will definitely release. But he has no idea about his upcoming other three films – ‘Housefull 3’, ‘Hera Pheri 3’ or Vashu’s next. Abhishek however confirmed to the daily that he hasn’t started shooting for any of them.