Conflict in Examining Committee over Anushka starer ‘NH10’

Conflict in Examining Committee over Anushka starer ‘NH10’

The CBFC is having trouble over releasing Anushka starer ‘NH10’. The film which marks the debut of Anushka Sharma as a producer was screened for the CBFC. But, apparently there has been a conflict in the Examining Committee over a few issues.

According to a news report by Mumbai Mirror, a source reported that while some members were ready to pass it with a few cuts and an ‘A’ certificate but others weren’t sure whether the film is fit for public consumption and if it should be certified at all Navdeep Singh, director of ‘NH10’ told the news daily, “I have not been informed about what cuts they want. All I know is that some members found it too violent and didn’t care for the abusive language. We didn’t have a very long discussion. All I was told was that it would be referred to the Chairperson for a final decision.”

The film’s release date was also pushed from March 6 to 13 and now this decision have added dilemma in maker’s mind.

When actress-producer Anushka Sharma was asked about this decision, she said, “We have made a very good film and I’m confident of the content. In fact, we’re surprised about the delay and contemplation over the film.”

The chairperson however, denied watching the film and made it clear that he personally doesn’t sit through any screenings. He said, “If there is a difference of opinion among the members then they can refer the film to me and after that either the makers can take it to the Revising Committee directly or I could refer the film to the Revising Committee.” He also retorted saying, “It’s my choice,” when asked him he would be watching the film during second review.

As per current plan of action, the chairperson stated, “I can’t say since I haven’t read the script or seen the films. The files should come to me tomorrow with the recommendations of the board and after that we’ll take a call on further action.”