Chuhiya to win a car in SAB TV’s Chidya Ghar

Chuhiya to win a car in SAB TV’s Chidya Ghar

SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar (Garima Productions) will soon come up with an interesting new plot.

After Mayuri’s (Shafaq Naaz) track, the upcoming episode will revolve around Chuhiya (Trishikha Tripathi) and Narayan family.

As per the story, Chuhiya will get addicted to tele shopping and will keep messaging the companies for the products.

Luckily, Chuhiya will happen to win a car and will get a call from the company to collect her gift. However, after reaching, she would get to know that she will have to pay some hidden cost and tax which would count in lakhs.

When an upset Chuhiya will return home, the Narayan family will plan to give her the money to buy the car.

Seeing Narayan family’s love towards her she will plan to surprise them. Instead of purchasing the car she will buy a two wheeler and invest rest of the cash in fixed deposit for the family.

This kind act of Chuhiya will once again spread smiles on the faces of Chidiya Ghar family.