Checkout: Barun strips for his short film

Checkout: Barun strips for his short film
good looking Barun Sobti and Kritika Kamra coming together for a short film.
The movie helmed by Hanish Kalia is a beautifully conceptualised project on saving water.
The film starts with Kritika, looking pretty as ever, shouting at a young kid (her brother) on wasting water. Barun, witnessed the scene and ponders over it.
The guy is then seen entering his apartment and going on the bathroom to freshen up and turning the tap on and then carelessly moving out keeping it open.
And then enters Kritika asking for a glass of water for her brother. And shockingly Barun’s flat is devoid of a drop of water and the dryness is haunting. What happens next is for you guys to see here.

We feel it is a great take on a very important cause. As for Barun and Kritika, they once again are at their best!
And the best part is that Barun looks sexy as he strips for the act. His chiseled body and good looks sends temperatures soaring.
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