Boyfriend Rahul had swindled Pratyusha and made her cut off all ties with her parents

Boyfriend Rahul had swindled Pratyusha and made her cut off all ties with her parents

Back home from Pratyusha Banerjee’s funeral, a friend of hers (name withheld by request) breaks down and tells Leading portal everything that led to Balika Vadhu’s Anandi’s death. It’s a short story but it will pain you a lot.

“Yes, I have heard that Pratyusha and her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh had a big fight in Carnival Mall on Friday (Pratyusha’s boyfriend slapped her in Carnival Mall today, and then she killed herself!, April 2). I was shocked to see marks on her nose and cheek when I saw her body, today. Surely, those marks were not due to asphyxiation (the cause of death so far as per the post-mortem; the full autopsy report is expected in 2 weeks time). I don’t know if Rahul killed her, but I can definitely say that he led her to kill herself,” he said.

Added the friend, “Let me tell you something that nobody knows till now. Pratyusha was barely left with any money. And the reason was not because she hosted parties as the world believes. Uske saare paise Rahul baar baar nikal leta tha.”

What he told us next made us tizzy. “Rahul was not only in touch with his ex Saloni Sharma, but still having a scene with her on and off. They had never called it off completely.”

“And believe it or not,” he continued, “Rahul was laughing and eating chips outside the hospital today. He also told me that he is arranging tickets for Pratyusha’s parents to fly down to Mumbai, but after that he was untraceable for 3 hours and his phone was off. I made the necessary arrangements thereafter.”

“And do you know that Pratyusha had hardly any contact with her parents, woh bhi Rahul ke liye? They didn’t like that guy at all and he had told her in no uncertain terms to distance herself from her mum and dad. They might be here in Mumbai now, and I understand what they are undergoing- but Rahul had done extensive damage to their equation with their daughter.”

So why the hell was Pratyusha lingering on with such a man, we asked? “Kya karti? She had one break-up with a certain Makrand Malhotra. After that, she wanted her relationship (with Rahul) to work and culminate into marriage. She was a typical small town girl who believed in the institution of marriage. Almost every day, she was taking sh** from him but ending the day with a smile. The rubber band broke on Friday April 1, I guess.”