“Bollywood is filled with closeted gays” says Kirron Kher

“Bollywood is filled with closeted gays” says Kirron Kher

Whenever the topic of LGBT community has cropped up, there has been heated debate in our nationand also in our tinselvile. With negations more than support, pouring in from all direction it is quite tough for people belonging to the Lesbian Gay Bi-sexual Transgender community to tackle and survive. But BJP MP, Kirron Kher is in full support of the cause and the LGBT community.

We do know films play a pivotal role in popularizing any topic, be it mental illness, special child, other social taboos. So why not lesbian or gay, bisexual or transgenders, asks Kirron. When she played a typical Indian mother in Dostana, who wasn’t too happy about her son being gay but accepted him anyway, off-screen parents had a hard time accepting to the fact.

Kirron adds that even in film fraternity there are many closeted gays, who pretend to be straight. In an interview to Mumbai Mirror, Mrs. Kher revealed, “Bollywood is filled with closeted gays who pretend to be straight. It will take a long time for people to be open about the issue. The change definitely needs to start with our film industry.”

She feels that they are living beings too and shall get what they rightfully deserve. Plus, she has a mixed bag of friends who are gays, lesbians, bi-sexual and transgender.

In the past too, Kirron had been quite vocal about the issue and has been supportive of it since the beginning.