Bollywood calling for Neha Marda soon?

Bollywood calling for Neha Marda soon?
TV actress Neha Marda, who plays a girl faced with atrocities by her chauvinistic husband in “Doli Armaanon Ki”, says she will enter Bollywood soon.
“Very soon, you’re going to see me in Bollywood. Once I sign the contract, I’ll talk about it,” Neha told IANS in an interview during a visit here.
She’s a tad “superstitious” about revealing the details.
“A lot of times it has happened that I discuss these things with people and then things just get stuck. I’m just waiting to sign it (the film’s contract) and then I’ll talk about it,” she added.
The actress also expressed her desire to work with Salman Khan and filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani.
“My first choice for a director to work with would be Raju Hirani-ji and for an actor, undoubtedly Salman Khan,” she said.
The actress, who has earlier had a stint in “Balika Vadhu”, was here to talk about her ongoing show “Doli Armaanon Ki”, which airs on Zee TV.