Beyhadh: Maya asks Vandana to kill her, Arjun and Jhanvi call Ashwin’s spirit

Beyhadh: Maya asks Vandana to kill her, Arjun and Jhanvi call Ashwin’s spirit

Beyhadh is no less than a roller-coaster ride – it has twists, turns and a lot of mystery. Fans are always hooked to the show as everyday there is something or the other happening. Well, this episode started with how Saanjh takes Maya to the temple and in the meanwhile Arjun calls a pandit to get rid of Ashwin’s spirit and to make Jhanvi accept her crime.

Parallelly, you see Maya and Saanjh in the temple where Maya is seen praying to God and asking for happiness for her family. And then you see Vandana standing behind her and telling that who is herself an issue is asking for solution. The scenes keep juggling between the two sequences – Maya and Vandana’s confrontation and Arjun and Jhanvi calling Ashwin’s spirit.

Well, Arjun has rigged the whole thing of calling the spirit and making Jhanvi believe the fact that he is around and want a revenge from the one who killed him – it can be either Maya, Arjun or Jhanvi. But, he with his wit, makes Jhanvi write a letter and confess that she killed him.

And cut to Maya and Jhanvi! We see Maya in tears after Vandana accuses her of everything wrong happening with Arjun. Maya, in her anger, goes and picks a sharp weapon and the suspense builds up and then contrary to what we thought, Maya gives the weapon to Vandana to kill her as she can’t leave Arjun at any cost. After all this, Vandana leaves the place in anger.

Now, the show focuses on how Jhanvi gets to know that Arjun gave money to the pandit and was just rigging it. Then, you see Maya getting a call from the police station that they now know the killer. And she also gets a call from Jhanvi saying that she also has figured out the mystery of Ashwin’s murder.

It’ll be interesting to see how mystery will unfold!